Panorama da AQÜICULTURA Magazine

“Panorama da AQÜICULTURA Magazine” is the foremost sector-oriented publication in Brazil. Our bi-monthly magazine covers all the topics of the industry covering production, technical and research issues of the aquaculture industry.

For the past 30 years “Panorama da AQÜICULTURA Magazine” has focused primarily on Brazilian aquaculture industry providing information to its development, as well as covering related issues abroad.

The magazine reaches directly 4.000 people involved in strategic posts in the aquaculture industry. In its pages, you will find the opinion and knowledge of some of the leading professionals in Brazil and worldwide.

“Panorama da AQÜICULTURA Magazine” is read by fish, shrimp, frog and mollusks growers, farm extension agents, as well as researchers, students, aquaculture educators, equipment, feed suppliers and all involved in this industry.

Unquestionably, “Panorama da Aqüicultura Magazine” is the strongest and most penetrating media your company has available in order to harvest the full potential of a significant region with an expanding market.

For best business visibility, it is in the pages of “Panorama da AQÜICULTURA Magazine” you should be in.

Turn our thousands of readers into your best customers!!!

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